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Blindspot Collective, a San Diego based theatre company, seeks applications from local performing artists to participate in the Blindspot Co-Op, our inaugural artist residency.


Each selected project will be provided with up to 80 hours of rehearsal space to create, refine, or investigate new work. In addition to rehearsal space, Blindspot Collective can provide administrative support, including meeting rooms and collaborative workspace with wifi. Artists will retain full control and ownership of their projects, though developmental feedback and mentorship may be provided if desired.


Participating artists will have the opportunity to convene and collaborate with one another, and present their "work-in-process" for the community at the culmination of their residency. Projects do not need to be traditional plays or musicals (although they could be). Blindspot Collective believes theater is an inclusive term that can also include physical theater, circus, puppetry, music, dance theater, documentary theater, and other forms that are still being defined or don't yet exist.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of local stakeholders and 4-6 projects will be selected based on their individual needs and schedules. Residencies are anticipated to begin on or around May 1, 2023 with space available through the end of the calendar year. 


Please note: there is no application fee to be considered. Additionally, only artists based in the San Diego-Tijuana region shall be considered as housing and travel accommodations are not available.

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To apply, please submit this short form. Applications are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 2nd, 2023. 

Submissions after this date will be considered if space is available, but is not guaranteed to be reviewed.


  • ​Projects, their audience, or participating artists should align with the intentions and mission of Blindspot Collective to serve communities that have been historically excluded. 

  • Creative feedback, mentorship, or guidance from Blindspot Collective staff is available if interested. 

  • Collaborating with Blindspot Collective to fully produce your project in some form in the future is also available if interested.

  • Should you have any questions or require assistance of any kind, please email us at

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