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a production photo of actors Penny Middleton and Tarion Taylor
“ After nourishment, shelter and companionship,
           stories are the thing we need most in the world.

Philip Pullman



what's up next?

Move American is a series of short dance films with impactful messages produced by Disco Riot. Blindspot Collective is creating a PSA that amplifies the voices of young individuals who are casting their ballots for the first time in the 2024 election. 


Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 7.22.14 PM.png


Step into the provocative world of youth and rebellion at the iconic Che Café on the UCSD campus, where audiences will navigate 9 original performances that converge in an immersive experience celebrating student organizing and protest. This world premiere features a combination of fearless dancers, new plays that dissect old systems, and short musicals with anthems for the next generation's counter-culture. 

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dancing at the end of the world

Inspired by AI and pop culture, this unique and innovative play delves into the profound idea that, throughout history, individuals have confronted similar struggles, yet the human spirit endures. Through the clever use of repeating scenes set in different time periods, Dancing at the End of the World underscores the timeless nature of the challenges we face.

Amal Mission Beach.jpg

washed ashore

washed ashore is a collaboration between Blindspot Collective, UCSD ArtPower, Doctors Without Borders, Students Rebuild, and A Step Beyond. We join Little Amal herself as we explore the hope that she has shared across the world and her continued search for peace and belonging. 

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 7.41.29 PM.png


Kagitingan braids together music, movement, visual art, and the exact words of Filipino World War II Veterans, telling their stories of friendship and loss, belonging and discrimination, and of their resilience during the war and their ongoing struggle for recognition.



Underground is an immersive, world premiere musical based entirely on the discography of Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five. Audiences will be transported to their favorite dive bar, where former bandmates will reunite, exes will collide, and secrets will be revealed. This hopeful new show blends flashbacks, dance, and complex harmonies to illuminate the histories and inner lives of the regulars down at your local pub.


salty water

salty water was created in collaboration with the La Jolla Playhouse for 2023's Without Walls Festival at the Rady Shell. This piece weaves music, movement, as well as spoken testimony and poetry (including contributions from local community members) to explore our community's history and connection to the sea. salty water mixes the fantastical elements of the sea with stories of San Diego family members in the Navy, Kumeyaay creation stories, and exploration of our sweat and tears.

_MG_6988 2.png

black seance

Black Séance mingles magic and mixed drinks for an intoxicating, immersive experience that celebrates Black icons. Ushered into a dark, back-alley bar, patrons are invited to participate in a transformative ritual that finds Francis, their bartender and amateur magician, channeling some of his heroes. While encountering the humor and humanity of figures like Eartha Kitt or Redd Foxx, one never knows who will make an appearance and who will ghost in this visceral examination of generational trauma and triumph.

when the bubble bursts.jpeg

when the bubble bursts

Inspired by the words and reflections of local artists and community members, when the bubble bursts is a meditation on human connection and impermanence. Simultaneously a celebration of resilience and a reflection of adversity, the performance blended music, movement, and text to reignite the magic of live theater after a long hiatus caused by the pandemic. This ‘happening’ was produced inin partnership with La Jolla Playhouse.



This world premiere musical for all ages was inspired by multicultural folklore, mixing sea shanties and shadow puppets to tell an original story about a girl whose world has been plunged into eternal darkness. Populated by pirates, sea monsters, and mysterious strangers who could be friend or foe, Lit reveals the ways in which courage, compassion, and creativity connect us all.

goodtrouble-raised fists.jpg


Using a combination of interviews with local community organizers and material drawn from existing media sources, Good Trouble explores the social and protest movements of the last few years. Fusing verbatim dialogue with original music, poetry, and audience interaction, participants ‘performed a protest’ while listening to this audioplay in public spaces during the pandemic in the weeks before the 2020 election.


walks of life

Walks of Life is an original work of auditory theatre commissioned by La Jolla Playhouse as part of the WoW Series, featuring short scenes by playwrights and composers from across the country. Over the course of three parts, each approximately thirty minutes long, audiences will be introduced to a few of the characters and stories that might be unfolding in the homes around them during this unprecedented time.

Refractions 2.jpg


Refractions: A Collection of Human Anthems is a seven part musical elegy for loved ones who have passed away during the COVID-19 shut down. Of the many heartbreaks this pandemic has caused, the inability for friends and families to gather and grieve the loss of loved ones is tragic and devastating. Refractions aims to serve these community members by creating original songs to commemorate and honor their loved ones. 

Unhallowed Instagram (2).png


Audio plays have been enjoyed by audiences for decades, so this Halloween sit back and turn on UNHALLOWED: stories of the unusual. These stories range from ghost tales to dystopian thrillers so you're sure to find something for you. 2021 marks the creation of Part II, involving several writers, many actors, and a dedicated creative team to bring you 8 brand new spooky audio plays for Halloween. 

Mychah Bacchus in a production photo from "Safa's Story"


Based on the real experiences of a San Diego native, this original work of Forum Theater is designed to allow young people to consider the complexities of racism, difference, and prejudice. Safa's Story initially ends in heartbreak before audiences embark on an empowering journey to alter the outcomes of the play itself. The show was developed in 2018 and toured in 2019 and 2020.

Actors smiling in a production of "Danny's Story"


Inspired by LGBTQ+ youth, Danny is a transgender high schooler who makes the brave decision to pursue their true identity. With music and storytelling, audiences witness Danny's coming of age and search for belonging. This Forum Theater play was developed in collaboration with Diversionary Theatre and the Office of Youth Advocacy at San Diego Unified School District in 2018 and toured San Diego County in 2019.

Stevi Incremona in the New York production of "Hall Pass"


Hall Pass is an immersive musical set and performed throughout a high school, and features short works by 35 dynamic playwrights and composers. The production was commissioned by New York University for the Forum on Site Responsive Theatre and developed with funding from the California Arts Council. It was featured in the inaugural Future of Storytelling Festival in 2016 and the Without Walls Festival presented by La Jolla Playhouse in 2019.

Dairrick Hodges performing at the San Diego Airport


In 2019, Blindspot Collective was the first theatre company to be awarded a performing arts residency by the San Diego International Airport. The Performing Arts Program is a unique opportunity to engage airport visitors with unexpected, site-responsive events and performances. The program enhances the airport environment and enriches the experience of travelers by providing dynamic encounters with one-of-a-kind arts programming.

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Jasmine January and Kandace Crystal performing in "Qulili"


Simultaneously funny, provocative, and deeply moving, this documentary play is inspired by the conversations with immigrants and refugees in San Diego County. The title comes from an Arabic word meaning "tell me" in English, and the show was developed in partnership with Yalla in 2018 thanks to generous support from the Critical Refugee Studies Collective at the University of California

A production photo from "The Magic in this Soul"


Based on the real experiences of a San Diego native, this original work of Forum Theater is designed to allow young people to consider the complexities of racism, difference, and prejudice. Safa's Story initially ends in heartbreak before audiences embark on an empowering journey to alter the outcomes of the play itself. The show was developed in 2018 and toured in 2019 and 2020.

The cast of "Untold"


Untold weaves music, movement, and excerpts from over one hundred interviews to explore the mental health crisis in America. The show was presented at the 2017 International Forum on Ethnodrama and won the Dunn-Rankin Award for New Work at the 2017 San Diego International Fringe Festival.

Laura Delhauer embraces another perform in a production photo


Other projects include Last Night in Town, an immersive musical based on the songs of Ben Folds that was workshopped with San Diego Musical Theatre in 2016 and Play/Date, an immersive experience about dating set in a New York City nightclub that premiered in 2013 and was produced Off-Broadway by 3-Legged Dog in 2014. 

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