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Hall Pass is an immersive musical set and performed throughout a high school, offering a glimpse of the world young people navigate every day. Brimming with moments any former teenager will recognize and relish—as well as those they might rather forget—audiences choose their own adventure as they experience the trials and triumphs of the class of 2022.

Audiences receive a class schedule upon arrival and select a different course for each class period. The show consists of four “periods” in which audiences have multiple options. The options are all standalone short plays or musicals, each of which was created by a different playwright or composer specifically for this project. With only four periods and twelve or more options, every audience member’s experience is different. Will they hang with the cheerleaders, land in detention, or skip class to hide out in the Girls' Bathroom? Whatever they do or whomever they follow, one thing is certain: this isn't “High School Musical”.


The show includes mature themes and adult language, just like real high school.

Hall Pass features the work of twenty-three composers and playwrights performed by an ensemble of over 60 performers. Research and interviews with high school students in New York, West Virginia, Illinois, Texas, and California were provided to the writers as a resource and inspiration. Every piece is unique in style and content, and address themes that include addiction, transphobia, cyberbullying, and mental illness. However, even the most serious issues are handled with a seriocomic sensibility (as if Gen Z would have it any other way). 

We all want to think that we've grown out of our awkward phase. But if we're being honest with ourselves, most of us are still struggling with wanting to be popular, the difference between sex and love, and what we'll be when we grow up. With Hall Pass, audiences of all ages have the opportunity to relive a few of the joys and horrors of adolescence without the braces or acne, and who knows, maybe this time we’ll even learn something.​

Hall Pass is presented by La Jolla Playhouse

as part of the 2019 Without Walls Festival.



All tickets for HALL PASS are general admission. Audience members will select which plays and musicals to explore during the performance. Please note that some opportunities have a limited capacity and individuals will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.

All tickets are $20 and sold by

La Jolla Playhouse.



Created & Directed by Blake McCarty



Natasha Baenisch, Mason Ballard, Cassie Bleher, Marc Caro-Willcox,

Adrian Chan, Sarah Chan, Desiree Cuizon, Michael Davis, Jonathan Edzant,

Jasmin Haddad, Sonia Halle, Shellina Hefner, Brooke Henderson, Rachel Herrera,

Jada Nya Jackson, Hayley Jones, Sydney Joyner, Alyssa Junious, Joe Kao,

Imahni King, Sara Lucchini, Sutheshna Mani, Julie Meram, Emily Neifert,

Andrew Paiva, Kevin Phan, Hannah Pritchett, Dakota Ringer, BJ Robinson,

Ell Rudgers, Claudette Santiago, Marisa Scott, Doniella Sebastian,

Steele Severson, Hannah Trujillo, Crys Washington, and David Wornovitzky

teen ensemble:

Kathryn Adler, Charlotte Baltzer, Jack Bridges, Rachael Cheverton,

Katy Dawson, John Driscoll, Kennedy Garcia, Robbie Glatts, Mathilda Grosse,

Moira Hall, Julia Isber, Claire Kerofsky, Kaia Kim-Weigandt, Holden Lay,

Matthew Layton, Hanna Lindstrom, Sophie Maretz, Isabella Salle,

Nick Siljander, Georgia Sims, Abigail Tangonan, Lily Weiss, and Eric Xu


in new works created by:

Elle Anhorn; Trevor Bachman; Willa Bassen & Nick Robertson;

Chad Beckim; John Blaylock, Jonathan Fadner & Marella Martin;

Ian Brandon; Miriam Daly; Benny Gammerman & Dylan Hartwell;

Melissa Gawlowski; Elizabeth Irwin; Kim Jinhyoung & Marcus Perkins;

Emily Kaczmarek; Blake McCarty; Penny Middleton; Gill Sotu;

Lily Tholfsen; Jennie Webb; and Wes Zurick

Produced by Catherine Hanna Schrock & Blake McCarty

Assistant Directors: Lilia Porter & Sofia Zaragoza


Music Director: Ian Brandon

Associate Musical Director: William "BJ" Robinson


Choreographer: Wilfred Paloma

Additional Choreography: Anjanette Maraya-Ramey

Production Manager: Rebeca Elliott

Assistant Stage Managers: Elizabeth Blackwell & Diana Nicasio-Lopez


This production is made possible by generous support from La Jolla Playhouse, 

 High Tech High School, Canyon Crest Academy, Cygnet Theatre,

and the Center for Justice & Reconciliation at Point Loma Nazarene University. 



All performances of Hall Pass will take place at High Tech High in Liberty Station.


The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High 
 is located at 2861 Womble Road.

Free parking is available on the street or in a lot at the corner of Farragut Road and Truxtun Road.

Latecomers will be admitted at the

discretion of management.


FREquently asked questions

If it is set at a school, should I bring my kids?

This production was created for adult audiences. Teenagers may enjoy the show, but it is not recommended for those under the age of 12 due to mature language and themes. While the characters are high school students, they face universal challenges and opportunities.

How will I know what to do or where to go?

Ushers will greet you in the lobby of the school to seat you for the beginning of the performance. You will also receive a program that includes a map and class schedule when you arrive. During each class period, you will select one play or musical to experience from four separate options. There is no 'wrong' choice, but if you're particularly keen on seeing a specific type of a show, ask one of the students or staff members and they'll gladly offer their advice. And don't worry—everything will be explained again at the performance.

Are the performers going to interact with me?

Generally, this production is more voyeuristic or observational rather than participatory. While performers may periodically speak to you directly, they will typically only interact with one another. In turn, we ask that audience members do not interrupt or touch any performer at any time.

What should I wear?

Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and clothing because audience members may stand for portions of the show or physically navigate several floors of the school. The venue is wheelchair accessible and does not have stairs. However, due to the nature of the performance, not every physical space has seating. Please also limit your personal belongings to a small bag or purse as we do not offer a coat or bag check.

How long is the show?

The show is approximately 2 hours long and does not have an intermission. However, you will have time to use the restroom or check your phone during each passing period—just like you would in school.

Is this a La Jolla Playhouse production?

The show is being presented by La Jolla Playhouse for the Without Walls Festival. The production was commissioned in 2015 by New York University in conjunction with the International Forum on Site-Specific Performance, and developed with support from the California Arts Council in partnership with New Village Arts. The show was also produced in 2016 as part of the inaugural Future of Storytelling Festival in New York City in collaboration with Playwrights Horizons Theatre School. Both productions in New York City were presented at Grace Church High School in partnership with the school's theatre department, under the leadership of Sabrina Jacob.



Hall Pass is presented by

Blindspot Collective, a new performing arts organization based in San Diego.

Blindspot Collective develops artistic programming to illuminate voices, communities, and stories

in the blindspot of our society.

If you have questions or wish to learn more, please email us at

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