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2020 Theatre of the Year, Union Tribune

"...the scrappy theater co-produced three new projects in 2020 in response to the pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement..." 

Memorable Plays of 2023

"[Kagitingan] was a poignant combination of documentary research, music, dance, and performance to tell the story of Filipino WWII veterans interviewed in California and Hawai’i in the United States and Pangasinan and Ilocos Norte in the Philippines."

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"'The audience gets to explore freely or with a little more intimacy. It gives the audience a little bit of a shake up and you find yourself surprised,' said WOW Festival producer Amy Ashton."

Union Tribune

"...the San Diego theater company’s sixth collaboration with La Jolla Playhouse. Blindspot’s all-original, site-specific work is an ideal fit for WOW."

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"As she listens to the sea, she thinks about the millions of refugee children across the world, who, like her, are searching for a better life. In partnership with Blindspot Collective, Students Rebuild, ArtPower at UC San Diego, and Medecins Sans Frontieres – Doctors Without Borders."


"'We all deserve to be welcomed in our new country and be connected with a feeling of support,' said Alexandra Manuel, managing consultant with Students Rebuild. 'That story has really touched the hearts of people throughout the country and throughout the world.'"

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Union Tribune Review

"Despite the stories of torture, injuries and injustices these veterans experienced, “Kagitingan” is balanced with uplifting scenes of the honor these men felt about their service, the camaraderie they shared with U.S. soldiers and — for many — their pride they have as naturalized U.S. citizens."

The Daily Aztec

"Not only was the play deeply informative but the incorporation of song, dance and visual art created an artistic display of history that resonated with the audience."


Union Tribune Review

"Cordileone directed and choreographed the action, which moves with speed and energy all over the theater space. Folds had no part in the creation of “Underground,” but if he were to pop in for a performance, I bet he’d become a fan himself." 


Rady Shell Hosts La Jolla Playhouse WOW Festival

"... design and location can't help but inspire artists in new ways. For example, one of the pieces salty water by Blindspot Collective weaves music, movement, spoken testimony and poetry to explore our community's history and connection to the sea.


The San Diego Union Tribune

"The entertaining show moved swiftly and fascinatingly in its blend of history, magic and mystical visitations. It would be fun to see this staged again soon in San Diego."

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Union Tribune:

"The words were evocative and moving and the bubbles and puppets got dozens of small children up on their feet to watch and interact."

Del Mar Times: 

"Blending music, movement and text, it’s a meditation on human connection and impermanence that simultaneously celebrates resilience and a reflection of adversity"


Union Tribune: 

"I have no doubt that children will be swept up in the fun and creative songs and the imaginative storytelling of the show."

Talk Theatre To Me: 

"In a time where people are saying that they 'can see the light at the end of the tunnel', Blindspot Collective’s new show LIT, tells audiences of all ages that you can be your own source of light in the darkness."

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"This process parallels the human need to eulogize their loved ones. When these songs are shared with the public, they put a face — and a story — to the human toll of the pandemic."

Union Tribune: 

"McNeil, 30, can no longer call his mom three to four times a day just to hear the sound of her voice and laughter. But he now has a new way to keep her spirit in his ears and heart, thanks to San Diego’s Blindspot Collective theater company."

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Union Tribune: 

"Many San Diegans have avoided going stir-crazy in quarantine with daily walks around their neighborhoods. But have you ever wondered what’s going behind the walls and windows of the homes you pass?"


"By going digital this year those common experiences can be shared by even more people than the live performances could ever reach."

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Vanguard Culture: 

"I still feel a little bit closer to the other participants than before the play. We danced together, put our feet on the ground together and took breaths in unison."

Talk to Me Theatre: 

"While this year has come with some challenges for theatre, it is those very challenges that helped this show come to fruition. Inspired by the pandemic and the racial justice protests this project came together to create something that is unique to this moment."


Times of San Diego

"This worked amazingly well at the performance I attended. Apparently, it always does. That’s because she is a spectacular facilitator, who handles children with extreme sensitivity and respect, and engages the audience from the moment they enter the theater...." 

NBC San Diego 

"I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to use my voice to empower young people to, maybe, to make different choices..."​

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Union Tribune: 

"If you have any trepidation about leaping feet-first into the gleeful riot of unpredictable, unconventional performance that is the La Jolla Playhouse WOW Festival, rest assured: The artists are right there with you."

San Diego Story: 

"Performers played their parts with empathy, and the rapport that they shared resulted in a bittersweet payoff."

connecting flights press page.jpeg

CBS 8:

"It gives people an opportunity or permission to step outside of that and to do that thing that we don’t always get to do which is be and enjoy and connect."

Union Tribune: 

"For the innovative, grassroots San Diego theater troupe Blindspot Collective, [airports are] also a place to explore how to open minds and hearts — or even just prompt some smiles of delight — via performing art."

qulili press page.jpeg

Voice of San Diego: 

"Theater has a diversity problem. But a new San Diego theater company’s mission is to make plays designed to engage communities of color."

Union Tribune: 

"'Qulili' takes its title from an Arabic word meaning 'tell me,' and Blindspot Collective is an apt name for a troupe whose 'radically inclusive' programming takes in stories of people and communities that have generally been overlooked or underappreciated."

danny band trio.jpg

Broadway World:

"This timely and ultimately hopeful play offers communities an opportunity to navigate this difficult but important conversation during a time of increasing visibility and vulnerability."

San Diego Downtown News: 

"The piece of forum theater has helped students find tangible ways to recognize and combat transphobia and other forms of bullying. It also requires the largely LGBT+ performers relinquish control of their characters — and the conversation — to young people who may have never been exposed to this issue before."

magic in shoes.jpeg

David Coddon Review: 

"In the age of the Trump presidency, their true stories are all the more heart-rending. Trump should see 'The Magic in This Soul.' So should you."


Blindspot Collective's Magic in This Soul wins Audience Favorite in the 2018 San Diego Fringe Festival.

MitS About header.jpg

San Diego Reader

"The gripping piece is based on actual conversations with therapists, people experiencing addiction, and battling PTSD, as it explores the mental health crisis in America..."

SD Jewish World

"One outstanding performance was given by a vibrant and comical young man named Wreckless Watson. He portrayed a woman who had a remarkable sense of humor cracking wise about her experience with addiction, withdrawal and being on suicide watch."

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