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Good Trouble borrows its title from the incredible words of John Lewis and explores the youth activism that is spurring significant social and political change in our country. Using a combination of interviews with local community organizers and material drawn from existing media sources, this world premiere explores prominent social and protest movements of the last few years. Fusing verbatim dialogue with original music, poetry, and audience interaction, participants will ‘perform a protest’ while listening to this audioplay.


Though there will be no live performers, audiences will gather to experience the recorded performance synchronously, using theatre as a medium of communal expression. Physical events will be held in public, outdoor spaces in partnership with other local organizations so that audiences may embody protest and civil disobedience while listening to the next generation of community leaders and activists.

Participation is free. However, audiences are asked to provide their own headphones and a smartphone (or equivalent device) with an internet connection. A link will be provided via email so that audience members may access the recorded performance.

Physical distancing measures will be maintained at all in-person events, and audiences are expected to provide their own face masks. For more information about what to expect, please review the FAQs included on this page.

For anyone who is unable to participate in a physical event, the performance on November 1 will be simultaneously livestreamed so that individuals may participate from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Follow us on social media for additional information and links to the livestream.


This show includes some mature language and is recommended for ages 12 & up.



All performances are entirely free. Event details and exact locations will be provided upon registration.

Saturday, Oct. 17 at 11am in Downtown SD

Saturday, Oct. 17 at 4pm in Linda Vista

Sunday, Oct. 18 at 11am in Southeast SD

Sunday, Oct. 18 at 4pm in Chula Vista

Saturday, Oct. 24 at 11am in Pacific Beach

Saturday, Oct. 24 at 4pm in National City

Sunday, Oct. 25 at 11am in La Jolla/UTC

Sunday, Oct. 25 at 4pm in City Heights

Sunday, November 1 in Balboa Park

and select cities across the country

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Created & Produced by Catherine Hanna Schrock & Blake McCarty

with original music & lyrics by Richard Allen & Taran Gray

featuring David André, Tas Al-Michael, David Coffey,

Rachel Herrera, Nathan Nonhof, Angelynne Pawaan, Isaiah Rosales,

Kiara Wade & Gwynne Wood

Developed in collaboration with an artivist team that includes Bianca Jennings,

Bernardo Mazón Daher, Wilfred Paloma, Mekala Sridhar & Sofia Zaragoza

with additional research and interviews by Stelle Andrade, Rebeca Elliot, Nadia Nunez,

Lilia Porter, Lizbeth Rocha & Shawdi Sani

Associate Directors: Bianca Jennings, Wilfred Paloma, Mekala Sridhar & Sofia Zaragoza

Sound Design & Engineering: Evan Eason

Community Liaison: Bernardo Mazón Daher

Livestream Designer: Patrick Gates

This production would not be possible without the participation of over forty local activists and community organizers who generously offered their time and graciously shared their stories.


The project was made possible with support from A Reason to Survive (ARTS) and funding from the California Arts Council.


The Venue

All October performances of Good Trouble will take place in public parks in San Diego. National events will be held on Sunday, November 1.

Park information is available on the registration page. Precise details regarding where to gather will be shared approximately 24 hours in advance of each event. Any updates will be shared via social media on the day of the event.

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For a full list of national partners and event locations on November 1, please click here.

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FREquently asked questions

Is this a play or is this a protest?

Both! The performance is what the audience makes of it. Good Trouble is an interactive audioplay that guides audiences to embody actions and words that are symbolic of protest and evoke unity.

In what ways is the event interactive?

Throughout the performance, audiences are invited to embody concepts that emerge from the play through gestures and speech. While audiences are encouraged to follow the prompts, they are also free to participate as they are comfortable.

What is a pop-up play?

Each of the nine performances of the play will take place in different outdoor locations throughout San Diego County.

What should I bring?

Audiences should bring a mask, a charged phone or streaming device, and headphones. We also encourage people to bring hand sanitizer, a blanket and/or lawn chairs, bug spray, a hat and sunblock as needed.

What should I wear?

Audiences should wear comfortable clothes appropriate for outdoor weather. As the show invites audiences into a spirit of unity and freedom, we also encourage you to come dressed in clothes that make you feel courageous. We imagine bright colors, perhaps even the outfit you never got to wear for Pride last summer?

How are you ensuring the health and safety of attendees?

All audience members will be asked to remain 10 feet apart. Blindspot Collective artists and activists will host the event and ensure that people remain safely physically distant throughout the experience.

What is verbatim theatre?

Sometimes called ethnodrama, docudrama, or interview theatre, the term refers to any work that reconstructs and presents the precise words spoken by people interviewed about a specific topic or event. Shows like The Laramie Project and artists such as Anna Deavere Smith have popularized the technique. In Good Trouble, the actors portray characters inspired by real people discussing their personal experiences as activists and community organizers. Each character is based on 2-3 real people who shared similar perspectives and whose identities were related to one another. The performers use their exact words while also recreating the tone, rhythm and inflection with which they spoke. One unique aspect to this auditory performance is that it includes original music that also incorporates verbatim lyrics.

If this is about youth activism, is this event appropriate for my kids?

We believe teenagers will enjoy the show, but it is not recommended for those under the age of 12 due to some mature themes and language.

How long is the event?

The performance is approximately 1 hour. Every performance will be immediately followed by conversation with the creators of the show and some of the remarkable activists upon whom the characters are based.


Contact Us

Good Trouble is presented by Blindspot Collective, a theatre company in San Diego.

Blindspot Collective produces radically inclusive programming at the intersection of advocacy, education, and entertainment that cultivates and celebrates new work, emerging artists, diverse audiences, and fresh ideas.

If you have questions or wish to learn more, please email us at

For press inquiries, please email

If you are interested in hosting an event on November 1, please click here.

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We are grateful to the following community partners:

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