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“ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
       can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. 

Margaret Mead


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To produce radically inclusive programming at the intersection of advocacy, education, and entertainment that cultivates and celebrates new work, emerging artists, diverse audiences, and fresh ideas.

Transformative theatre that amplifies marginalized voices, illuminates untold stories, bridges disparate experiences, and energizes vulnerable communities.


           transformative excellence

We strive to maintain a quality of work that challenges artists and participants to push to the peak of their abilities, and to create processes and products that transform both artists and audiences.


           authentic collaboration

We promote honest and audacious exchange that prioritizes vulnerability and empathy be it in the classroom or the rehearsal room. Our processes are defined by individuals with diverse skills and distinct perspectives working toward a common goal in a respectful, transparent, and encouraging environment.



           agile sustainability

We foster an organizational structure with financial and programmatic models that evolve for different needs or projects. Various modalities for artistic and educational programs are utilized to produce in flexible locations and spaces; accommodate and be accessible to diverse communities; and challenge cultural and creative norms. This willingness to pivot and consider new practices ensures stability and longevity.

           inclusive engagement

We cultivate broad and deep relationships with artists and patrons via robust outreach opportunities, dynamic educational programs, and provocative performances. In our pursuit of equity and mutually beneficial partnerships, we prioritize the experience and leadership of underrepresented communities and individuals that are often left out of the conversation.



           empathetic curiosity

We engage in both community and artistic work through process-based practices grounded in openness, humility and wonder. Leading with questions and deep listening, our techniques emphasize interactive and participant-centered methods to mobilize communities toward fresh, authentic discoveries and expressions.

Board of Directors

Blake McCarty, President

Aaron Brost, Secretary

Karen Halle, Treasurer

Ana Brill

Jamila DeCarli

Joe Kao

Advisory Board

Merridee Book,

Vice President of Development of San Diego Film Foundation

Monique Gaffney,

Playwright & Actor


Colleen Kollar Smith,

Managing Director of Moonlight Stage Productions

Jeannine Marquie,

Theatre Coordinator at Canyon Crest Academy

Kim Montelibano Heil,

Associate Producer of San Diego Repertory Theatre


Delicia Turner Sonnenberg,

former Executive Artistic Director of Moxie Theatre


Skyler Sullivan,

Teaching Artist & Education Coordinator of Diversionary Theatre

Alison Urban,

Applied Theatre Practitioner & Professor

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