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"In the beginning, there was water..." 

salty water was created by Blindspot Collective in collaboration with the La Jolla Playhouse for 2023's Without Walls Festival at the Rady Shell. This piece weaves music, movement, as well as spoken testimony and poetry (including contributions from local community members) to explore our community's history and connection to the sea. salty water mixes the fantastical elements of the sea with stories of San Diego family members in the Navy, Kumeyaay creation stories, and exploration of our sweat and tears.

Created by a cast of 20 professional performers and 40 local youth, audiences will be guided through a larger than life experience featuring large scale puppets and themes we all can relate to on the waterfront. ​

Some thoughts from our artists looking forward to this performance: 

"salty water hits home for me in every aspect of who we are as human beings. We live and breathe all forms of water and the varied amounts of salt is what makes us all unique. This project encompasses the human interactions we can have with water and I can't wait to see it come to life in the space that is surrounded by water."  - Sarah Jane Salonga

"Whether you're on, in, or by the water, the sensation is always deeply grounding; it's like returning home, reconnecting with one's spirit, recentering ourselves as we navigate this crazy world.  To capture that feeling in music?  Well, that's a challenge I gladly accept." - Morgan Hollingsworth 

"I think that any and every opportunity to remind people how we are connected is an important one—water connects every human being and salty water is a testament to that." - Jaeonnie Davis Crawford

salty water is presented by La Jolla Playhouse

as part of the 2023 Without Walls Festival. 

Listen here.

Act I, Full of Wondersalty water
00:00 / 10:04
Act II, Dangersalty water
00:00 / 10:32
Act III, Destructionsalty water
00:00 / 09:24
Act IV, Healingsalty water
00:00 / 08:20
Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 2.45.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 2.45.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 2.46.07 PM.png


All tickets for salty water are free and general admission.


Tickets are free. Click below to RSVP and learn more.



Produced by: 

Shellina Hefner and Desha Crownover

Written by:

Shellina Hefner and Lilia Porter

Directed by:

Shellina Hefner, Jaeonnie Davis-Crawford and Desha Crownover


Claire McNerney, Sydney Pippen, Aiden Meyndert, Charlotte Yu, Ellie Armitage, Diego Castro,

Aygen James, Paloma Carrillo, Daphne Bichler, Michael Miller, Joyce DeJesus, Brenda Estrada,

Odessa Laurie, Hannah Frederick, Amy Oliverio, Kayla Rene, Sergio Diaz-Delgado,

Amelia Campbell, and Hayden St Clair

As well as 20 local high school students from Canyon Crest Academy: 

Voiced by: Monique Gaffney, Sarah Jane Salonga, Lilia Porter, Dakota Ringer, Paloma Carrillo,

Kailey Agpaoa, and Max Udell


Composed by: 

Morgan Hollingsworth 


Jacob Sampson

Choreographed by:

Leo Ward

Production Assistant: 

Lilia Porter

A special thanks to Sarah Jane Salonga!


All performances of salty water will take place at The Rady Shell in Downtown San Diego.


The Rady Shell is located at 222 Marina Park Way, San Diego, CA 92101

Free parking is available in the various parking lots. Parking is limited and we suggest using a rideshare.

Seating is located in the grass in front of the Shell. 




FREquently asked questions

Where will I sit? 

Audience members will be seated in the field in front of the Rady Shell. We encourage audience members to bring camping chairs, blankets, or anything else they might want to sit on. Please refrain from bringing umbrellas, canopies, etc. that may hinder other audience members' lines of sight.

How will I know what to do or where to go?

Upon following the map to the Rady Shell, you will see signage as well as staff members directing you where to go. At that point, feel free to sit wherever you would like. 

Is this show child-friendly? 


Are the performers going to interact with me?

Generally, this production is not designed to be heavily interactive. However, audience members are free to interact during pre-show and may be encouraged to experience short personal moments as part of the performance. This being said, the performers will not intentionally touch you. 

What should I wear?

Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and clothing because audience members will be seated in the grass. We also encourage you to wear sunscreen, as well as clothing you'll feel comfortable in outside. This venue is right on the waterfront, so we encourage bringing a light jacket for the wind.

How long is the show?

The show is approximately 45 minutes long with no intermission. 

Is this a La Jolla Playhouse production?

The show is being presented by La Jolla Playhouse for the 2023 Without Walls Festival. 



salty water is presented by

Blindspot Collective, a performing arts organization based in San Diego.

Blindspot Collective develops artistic programming to illuminate voices, communities, and stories

in the blindspot of our society.

If you have questions or wish to learn more, please email us at

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