“ Horror is not simply a literary genre. It is a reality. 

A.K. Kuykendall, The Possession

short audio plays of the unusual


UNHALLOWED: stories of the unusual is a collection of short audio plays written by playwrights across the country and performed virtually. These stories are spooky! Children under 13 are not recommended as audience members. Browse below to listen to them all.

We are excited to be continuing this year with UNHALLOWED: PART II - every Sunday this month at 7:30pm (PST)!  

2021 PLAYS


Lake Pontchartrain - written by Mary Catherine Lopez

A local radio station calls in to a man in prison with a strange story surrounding the mysterious deaths of his friends. What do you think happened?

featuring: Amanda Blair, Nathan Wetter, and Jasmin Haddad

Ascendance - written by Carlos Angel Barajas

When a private detective infiltrates a cult in hopes of finding a missing young woman, he meets someone he never thought he'd see again. 

featuring: Robert Kapeller and Shellina Hefner

2020 PLAYS


written by: Mary Catherine Lopez

featuring: Carlos Angel Barajas and Shellina Hefner

Ever taken a weird detour on a road trip? Take the Exit follows Sam as she gets off the freeway to visit an abandoned and haunted town, on a dare and at the encouragement of her friend Lorenzo. 


written by Ell Rudgers

featuring: Kayla Morales, Andrew Walters, and Marisa Taylor Scott

All Around You explores artificial intelligence, and what might happen when Aspen's new navigation app takes them on an adventure they'd rather leave at home. 


written and performed by Chad Beckim, starring Sydney 

Who is her new friend? Bruce is a story you'll want to listen to with the lights on! 


The Evil - written by Carlos Angel Barajas 

A criminal defense lawyer enters her client's home in search of some answers. 

featuring: Tamara Rodriguez and Yadira Correa

Heartstrings - written by James Pratt

In a private moment alone, Rory suddenly finds himself faced with someone he never wanted to hear from again.

featuring:  Marc Caro-Wilcox and Christopher Hutchinson