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inspired by devoted and disgruntled, blindspot invites you to ponder the state of american theatre with us. how can we improve? How can we move forward? Join us to discuss.

Openspace technology is one way to enable all kinds of people to create inspired conversations and solutions. Community members come together to discuss a single theme, and then branch off into individual groups based on interest. The group then comes back together and holds a larger group discussion on the theme, creating actionable solutions and next steps.

Questions about the process or our gatherings? Reach out at

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do you have a theme you'd like to submit? a question you'd like the community to ponder together? complete the form
below and let us know! 

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Success! Message sent.

masks are encouraged but not required. while we encourage all able community members to receive the covid-19 vaccine, we will not be checking vaccination status at the door. 

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